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Our principal, Dr Esme Capp, and our staff are responsible for the programs and day to day operation of Princes Hill Primary School.

The council develops policies, maintains the facilities and grounds, oversees financial operations, encourages community participation, and manages the Out of School Hours Care service. Principles and procedures, known as standing orders and terms of reference, guide the council’s activities.

School Council is structured to represent the joint interests and responsibilities of teachers and parents in the education of our children. Our council comprises 15 members: 9 parent members and five Department of Education and Training (DET) members, including our principal, who serves as chief executive officer representing DET. Councillors serve a two-year term, with half the council standing for election each year. Elections are held before March 31 each year.

Our School Council invites all parents to nominate to participate in its work and activities, particularly through its sub-committees. Parents are welcome to attend the School Council meetings, and the meeting minutes are available through the office. School Council articles are published in the school newsletter.

Any school community member can join the sub-committees. Membership of the School Council is not a prerequisite, but all members of sub-committees must be approved by School Council.


Supporting Dr Capp and her team is an active and engaged School Council.”



School Council Members 2018 and Sub-committees

Chief Executive Officer: Dr Esme Capp

President: Peter Andrews

Community Representative: TBA


Convenor: Andrew Henshaw

School Council members: Peter Andrews, Dr Esme Capp

PHPS Business Manager: Amanda Baseggio


Convenor: Tor Polding

School Council members: Anne-Maree Seccull, Tim Aris

Community Relations

Convenor: Emily Booth

School Council members: Melinda Cashen, Hannah McVean,

PHPS Community members: Bronwyn Tindall Lisa Clayborn as Coordinator for Parent Representatives Working Party, Camila Gálmez

Out of School Hours Care (OSCH)

Convenor: Eleanor Williams

School Council members: Julia Thomas, Keith McNeill

OSHC Staff committee members – Mandy Hobson and Jason Hewitson


Convenor: Monique Halliday

School Council members: Peter Andrews, Bob Earl

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