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Princes Hill Primary School Policies



Princes Hill Primary School is committed to the provision of quality education,

striving for excellence and equity. In realising this commitment, it is

recognised that all students should have opportunities to access additional

educational activities and materials including, but not limited to, school camps,

excursions, swimming and IT expenses including laptops for years 3-6.


1. To promote equity by ensuring that all students have access to high-

quality schooling that is free from discrimination based on gender,

language, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion, health or

disability and socioeconomic background.

2. To ensure that socioeconomic disadvantage ceases to be a significant

determinant of educational outcomes.

3. To provide financial support to families struggling to afford

extracurricular expenses and materials.


1. The school will recognise students in Years Prep to 6 who are unable

to access the above opportunities due to financial hardship.

2. Funding must be used for education-related expenses only. The ESF

will not provide any cash funding.

3. Funding will only be provided for education expenses directly

connected with PHPS. The fund cannot support external extra-

curricular activities, even if they are educationally related.

4. Families may apply for financial support to assist with an additional

educational activity by submitting in writing their reasoned case for

support to the School Principal.

5. An internal ESF Committee appointed by the PHPS Principal, will meet

with the School Principal to determine whether or not funding will be

granted. The committee will consist of teaching and administration staff

at PHPS. A School Council member or parent representative will not be

required for this committee.

6. Funding will be provided based on the assessed need of each

individual student. The ESF Committee assumes the right to refuse


7. Families are able to apply for funding as often as needed. Funding,

however, is not guaranteed and each application must be approved by

the ESF Committee.

8. Families applying for funding for more than one child must fill out a

separate application for each child.

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Princes Hill Primary School Policies

9. The ESF will be financed by voluntary donations from PHPS families.

Families will be offered a chance to donate at the beginning of the

school year, but can donate to this fund at any time.

10. All applications for funding are strictly confidential.


1. Families must be able to show a current health care card to in order to

apply for ESF funding.

2. Each application will be assessed based on information provided in the

written application.


This policy will be reviewed in 2019.